Global Videofest – RESOURCES

Additional Inspirational and Educational Resources 

Here are some resources and inspiration to get you ready for the Womensphere Global Videofest! These courses and guides are great for getting your start with video or adding skills you’ll need for your Videofest project.

General Resources & Story-telling

Many excellent filmmakers never actually went to film school. If you’re interested in teaching yourself to create a documentary, art film, or narrative film, is full of free resources on everything from lighting to sound design to script writing. Just browsing the site can be great for seeing new techniques and getting inspired.


The Art of Storytelling

This short course, designed by Pixar employees for Khan Academy, begins with the idea that we are all storytellers, we just need to find the stories we'd like to tell and learn how to tell them as well as possible. It then focuses on developing characters, story structure, and visual language. A glossary of film grammar and a section on pitching and getting feedback make this useful for personal projects and for preparing for the film industry.


How to Write a Screenplay

This article explains how to get started in writing a screenplay, including philosophical ideas as well as technical information and industry standard terms.


Documentary Filmmaking 

Documentary Starter Kit

Are you thinking of making your first documentary? This free 3-part mini course from Desktop Documentaries has all you need to get started with your ideas.


How to Conduct a Documentary-Style Interview

One of the most intimidating parts of creating your first documentary is conducting interviews. This video teaches you how to conduct yourself professionally and get results that make great storytelling. You’ll learn how to do a simple but effective profile interview on location with two cameras. This photographer and videographer also has many other excellent videos - check out his profile page on YouTube!



Learn From the Pros at Pixar
Pixar in a Box is a Khan Academy feature all about animation and storytelling the way Pixar does it. Their Storytelling lesson (see the Storytelling section!) applies to any kind of film, but most of the rest of their lessons are technical lessons in modeling, rigging, animation, color theory, lighting, and more. Check out their whole catalog of courses here.


Introduction to Blender

Blender is an open source 3D modeling and animation program that is loved by indie game developers, artists, and designers. It has an intuitive modeling interface and powerful features for all your 3D needs. Try out their free online video tutorials, made by enthusiastic experts and geared to complete beginners, game developers, artists, and engineers.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Choosing which of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals you will take on with your Global Videofest project is important and personal. The goals are designed to promote equality while taking care of our planet, and they are interconnected and important for everyone on Earth.

From this overview page on the UN’s website, you can click on any goal to learn more about it, with facts and figures, targets, links to more resources, and links to relevant videos and news.



United Nations Data

Working with global public data is interesting and exciting. The UN has made databases from many of its affiliate organizations available to work with for research, to create data visualizations, or simply to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (and many more issues!) in more detail. Click “Topics” in the UN Data Explorer to find the databases that will interest you most.